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Login Procedures

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS:  Please login as usual using the LEFT side of the screen or click the link that says "Log in with itslearning".

As you can see, there is a different look to the login screen. Parents logging into their own parent accounts will now type their username and password on the LEFT side of the screen or by clicking on "Log in with itslearning". The RIGHT side of the screen (the Student and Teacher Login button) is for logging in to student and staff accounts.  A short video describing the change is below.  We will be modifying the login page over the next several months as we move toward a more integrated and seamless user experience. As always, feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

New Login Process from Jason Naile on Vimeo.

Account Information for Parents

Itslearning and Parent Portal are two separate systems.  To log into itslearning you must first have a Parent Portal account.  If you do not have a Parent Portal account please follow the steps below to receive one.  If you have a Parent Portal account but have not yet logged into itslearning, you may email to request your itslearning password to be activated.

If you forgot your itslearning password, you may email to request your itslearning password to be reset.

If you forgot your Parent Portal password, you must show your ID at your child's school or at the Hill center to have your password reset.  Parent Portal a higher level of private student information which requires identification to reset.

How to set up a Parent Portal account:
1. To receive a Parent Portal account Activation Key, bring a photo identification to your child's school or the Almon C. Hill Educational Center located at 136 Elm St, Cumming, GA. Refer to the Records Department website for Hill Center hours of operation:

2. When you receive your Activation Key, you can create an account for Parent Portal at the following link:    

3. Parent Portal accounts created before 7:00 PM will be uploaded overnight into itslearning. The next day, return to this itslearning login page and send an email to This will initiate an email to a staff member to complete your account activation process. Upon activation you will receive an email to reset your itslearning password.

Thank you for your support of Forsyth County Schools.

What to expect once you log in:

Parent Video from Jason Naile on Vimeo.

2/23/2016 2:13 PM

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